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MODC Executive Director Ben Waldron participated on a judging panel to help select finalists in the Asbury Park Press' Innovator of the Year Awards. This initiative, presented by OceanFirst Bank, spotlights entrepreneurs from Monmouth and Ocean Counties who are finding new ways to tackle problems, and are helping to make the Jersey Shore a better place in which to live.

Five ways to jump-start the Shore's economy

It doesn't add up. New Jersey has beaches and natural beauty. It's close to New York and Philadelphia. It has a highly educated workforce that holds the keys to the new economy. But the state last year was last in the Northeast and 48th nationwide in job creation.

The Asbury Park Press hosted a roundtable with a dozen government and business leaders from the Monmouth-Ocean Development Council and asked them: How can the Shore turn it around? The group came up with five steps the Shore can take to create a new economy, where workers using laptops and smart phones can develop cutting edge ideas.

Jersey Shore employers "cautiously optimistic"

Boy, are the Shore's employers stumped.

Is the economy getting better? Not really. Are your sales going to rise? Yes. Are you going to offer higher wages? Probably not. Are profits going to increase? Yes. Is red tape an important issue? Yes. Is red tape getting better? Yes.

"Sometimes the answers just don't make sense," said Stephen Reed, managing director of Cowan, Gunteski & Co., an accounting firm with offices in Tinton Falls and Toms River. Reed spoke to about 100 people at The Mill in Spring Lake Heights, presenting a paradoxical conclusion for a Business Outlook Survey by the Monmouth-Ocean Development Council, a business advocacy group. It came as statistics have found New Jersey's economy in the previous year limped along, while the rest of the nation picked up steam.

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The 10 Best Networking Events

The Monmouth-Ocean Development Council's annual Silver Gull Awards dinner is considered the best annual networking event in the coast area, attracting nearly 400 attendees. It has statewide pull and gets a good mix of business and political leaders. At a recent event Senator Bob Singer, a major mover in dinner planning, and Senator Joe Kyrillos, rushed over from Trenton just to work the room during the cocktail hour.
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Universities' role cited at area tech summit

"Our future absolutely depends on technology-based economic development", said Bill Stephenson, vice president of research at the University of Medicine and Dentistry at a technology summit held by the Monmouth-Ocean Development Council. At a lunch following the summit, the Governor addressed the luncheon attendees noting "The quality of life we offer, the caliber of our schools and the vast transportation network make New Jersey a great place to do business, and we have to keep it that way. We cannot let rampant development ruin our way of life."
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Cyberdistricts can keep county on cutting edge

In an initiative recently launched by the Monmouth County Planning Board and Department of Economic Development in partnership with the Monmouth-Ocean Development Council, the premier private business association in the region, we are strongly promoting and offering support for the development of " cyberdistricts" - underutilized or outdated downtowns, industrial parks, strip malls or individual buildings that can be transformed into technology hubs.
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MODC Wants to Help the Jersey Shore Grow

Monmouth and Ocean Counties are two of the fastest growing areas of the state. The Monmouth-Ocean Development Council, a Wall Township-based group of some 400 public and private sector organizations, wants to keep that momentum going. Right now, two of its top goals are bringing a new rail passenger service to Monmouth and Ocean counties and grooming students for the business world through a mentoring program. The group's membership includes business executives from large and small companies, government officials and executives with various non-profit agencies.
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